Starting yoga.

I remember speaking to a friend not long after I had first started going to yoga classes. I was telling her how I had not realised yoga was about the mind, I thought it was a purely physical practise. I had never explored quietening my mind. I hadn’t been the observer of my thoughts. I hadn’t understood terms such as ‘ego’.

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One night I was sitting in a yoga studio. It was dark outside and I was sitting in lotus, surrounded by glowing candles. I was meditating, observing my thoughts and instead of following the story I was mentally telling myself, I  was practising becoming aware of the fact that I could control the story. I could decide when it stopped. I observed the stories, and decided to let them go from my mind instead of repeating or continuing them. My chest was rising and falling, I became acutely aware of the pace of my breathe, it’s  cycles flowing through my body like waves. The energy tingling every cell. Neurons firing and buzzing around my brain. I could feel the muscles gently relaxing, tension lifting away.

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And then I caught myself smiling. Like all this energy rushing through my body was making every cell dance with joy.

Smiling because  feeling blissfully  alive is a beautiful moment.


And now a few years later I have felt this, not everyday – sometimes not for weeks, but enough to know that yoga has the potential to make you feel fucking alive. All that it asks of you is that you give a little time to focus solely on you. That you just stop, even for 5 minutes. Just feel your body, move it, explore it, be gentle. Listen to it. Practise honouring it. Loving it.

So if you are reading this, perhaps it’s a perfect sign from the universe. Maybe you should put your phone down and go and begin your practise 🙂


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